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Why do I keep coming back to the yogamat even though I am not sure that the asana practice is good for my body?

One month


The present moment. One month has gone. Certain things won't become better. How to accept it?

14th of July. I woke up at 5.55 am. My beloved teacher Maty Ezraty is going to be cremated at 1.00 pm in Tokyo (6.00 am here). I want to be awake and present. I go to the kitchen and open the window. The weather is beautiful and suddenly a bunch of birds fly exactly over our house. They...

Third week


Three weeks of practice. My mood has been unstable. Lots of ups and downs. Lots of sadness. Is there any light?...

First week


Investigating a practice. I am back on the mat!

"Start again, start again, with a quiet and equanimous mind."